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Islamic Society Of Gladstone


Islamic Society of Gladstone Inc. (ISG), established in 2 August 2012, is a Government registered organisation, and affiliated with the Islamic Council of Queensland (ICQ) and the Muslim Australia – formerly Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC). ISG was formed to cater for the spiritual, educational and community needs of the growing Muslim community in the Gladstone region. ISG also serves the Muslims residing in Tannum Sands, Boyne Island, Calliope and Turkey Beach.


Gladstone Muslim community represents diverse cultures, professions and nationalities, united by their faith. Over the past years, the community has been actively organising various programmes and working closely with the Gladstone Regional Council and other interfaith organisations, on matters related to Islam and multiculturalism. The society has been active in local Da’wah work, thereby facilitating the growing number of reverts within the region.



Gladstone is a regional town in central Queensland, 550 km north of Brisbane. Gladstone Region provides its 50,000 people with an enviable lifestyle within a strong and dynamic economy.

Gladstone is home to two of the world’s largest alumina refineries, three LNG plants, an aluminium smelter, and a number of other major industries. Along with one of the Australia’s largest multi commodity ports, these industries bring enormous economic benefits to the local, state and national Governments. Gladstone also has an internationally recognised university, all of which brings cultural diversity to Gladstone region.  The Gladstone region is known for its employment opportunities and attracting skilled workforce from all over the world.

Please visit Gladstone Regional Council website for more details

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